Gongyi city water treatment materials company is located in the central plains new town—Gongyi city。East is near the provincial capital of zhengzhou,Nine west towards the ancient capital of luoyang,East of zhengzhou80Kilometers,West of luoyang70Kilometers,In central henan province“Counties”Gongyi city。The Yellow River in the north,In this city,Is the hometown of the tang dynasty poet Du Fuzhi。Longhai railway、310National highway、Zheng-Los east at a high speed,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient,Communication。 Our factory workers in the domestic well-known water treatment industry experts technology under the guidance of production sales provide mature and stable product solutions for you。Water purification agent:Polyaluminium chloride、PAC、PAM、Polyacrylamide、Polyaluminium chloride iron、Alkali aluminum chloride、Ferrous sulfate、Poly aluminum silicate iron、Liquid iron trichloride;Filter material series:Quartz sand filter material、The pebbles、Anthracite filter material、Manganese sand filter materials、Fiber ball filter material、Activated carbon,Hk product spreads all over the country。Sales services involving the waterworks、The sewage plant、Electric power、Iron and steel、Coal mine、Fertilizer、Oil fields、Paper making、Textiles、Printing and dyeing and other industries,High cost-effective products。 Gongyi city hk branch water treatment material co., LTD solemnly promises to old and new users,With high quality products、Perfect service,Sincere attitude。Cooperate with you!
Polyaluminium chloride
Alkali aluminum chloride
Ferrous sulfate
Decolorizing flocculant
Polymerization ferric chloride sulfate
Double acid polymerization aluminum and iron(PA…
Polymerization aluminum sulfate(PAS)…
Ferric chloride(The liquid)…
Silicon carbide filter material
Volcanic rocks in the filter material(The volcano…
Sponge iron(The filter material)In addition to…
Activated carbon filter material
Walnut shell filter material
Fiber ball filter material
EPSFoam filter bead
Volcanic rocks in the biological filter material
Iron oxide desulfurizer
Activated carbon for desulphurization
Activated carbon
Air purification activated carbon
Granular activated carbon
Globular activated carbon
Powder activated carbon
Woodiness powder activated carbon
Floating ball packing(Porous…
Back flush filter head cap
Liquid surface covering the ball
Combination packing
Pall ring packing
Polyhedral hollow ball
Hexagonal honeycomb inclined tube